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SunLand company, located in Khorasan Razavi, iran, has set up the latest quality control laboratories, processing, and packaging units.The raw material is gathered from our family-owned lands and a trusted network of farmers, packed in bulk and consumer packages. SunLand also offers private labeling and white labeling for international customers. Consequently, we have maintained consistent product excellence, providing all types of Iranian saffron.
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SunLand offers saffron products, from saffron stigmas to saffron petals for different culinary and industrial uses. SunLand accepts inquiries for bulk packaging and consumer packaging (retail sales) for different purposes. SunLand consumer packaging are classy and fashionable, making them a good choice as Iranian saffron gifts or souvenirs.
Upon the receipt of your inquiry, our sales experts will be in touch with you to provide the best purchase experience.

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About Saffron

Saffron is the aromatic dried stigmas of a purple-flowered crocus (Crocus sativus). Widely consumed as a traditional flavor for thousands of years, saffron, and saffron petals have found other usages in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, coloring fabric, perfumery, and beverage industries. Considered as the world’s most expensive spice, saffron’s value is volatile due to its labor-intensive harvesting process and significant health benefits of even small amount.


  • Testimonial Sunland


    I liked the container it came in and the color! The price was decent for the amount. I used it twice this week and it was fine. I use this at least once a week on my rice and sometimes other things. It makes food pretty and saffron is good for your eyes!

  • Sunland User


    After getting used to Persian saffron I’d stocked up on during a recent visit to Istanbul’s spice bazaar, I was worried I’d not be able to find anything of equal quality. I was wrong. The sunland saffron is a superb example of high quality saffron.

  • Sunland User


    I am from a country that saffron come from, bought two, wish I would buy one and try it first. It is too much of yellow coloring, saffron should be orange color, it resolves too fast and yellow color is too much, one would think it’s too much of food coloring

  • Sunland User


    I’ve ordered this several times. The quality & flavor have been consistently good. My favorite use for the saffron is in a simple sauce I put on fish and veggies… make some brown butter, add heavy cream then a couple pinches of saffron. Yummy!


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